Cardio Update Wave 44

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Meeting board

Prof.Ahmed Abdelatty

Professor of Cardiology Alexandria University

Prof. Eslam Shawky

Professor of Cardiology Al-Azhar University President of EgSC

Prof. Hany Samir

Lecturer & Consultant of Critical Care Alexandria University

Prof. Hazem M. Warda

Director of Cardiology Alhyatt Cardiovascular Center Alexandria, Egypt

Prof. Hesham Elashmawy

Professor of Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology Alexandria University

Prof. Moataz Zaky

Head of Cardiology Unit Medical Research Institute Alexandria University

Prof. Samir Elawady

Associate Professor of Critical Care Alexandria University

Head of CardioUpdate Committee


Chest pain in ER..Deal with the disaster

Prof.Samir Elawady

Acute Coronary Syndrome

Prof.Hazem Warda

Antiplatlets in patients indicated for anticoagulants.

Prof. Moataz Zaky

Chest pain in the clinic which test is needed

Prof. Ahmed Abdelatty

Ischemia Management and Guidelines

Prof.Eslam Shawky

Ranolazine in Real Life

Prof.Hany Samir

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