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About Us

who we are

Cardioupdate is a leading egyptian educational group based in alexandria
We are volunteer-led (not for profit) medical group

We aim to spread the cardiovascular medicine
knowledge among medical professionals

Not only the academic knowledge we target to spread but mainly putting it in context of real clinical situations that help medical professionals in improving their pracitice and giving optimum cardiac care to patients

Cardioupdate started its activties in 2015 we helped more than 50 educational sessions, courses and lectures

  • Monthly Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Grand meetings
  • Printed protocols
  • Online help


To provide a platform for high quality, evidence based, and unpaid affordable cardiovascular education .

to all professionals in order to :

1. raise the quality standards of clinical practice .
2. encourage and achieve continous professional growth
3. improve patient outcome


To become unique provider of continuous, exceptional and evidence based medical education.